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Pearls, pearls, pearls…

Breakfast at tiffanys pearls

  One of the most recognised strands of pearls is the one worn by Audrey Hepburn in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Interestingly, they were costume pearls.   Elizabeth Taylor was given the large pearl featured as the drop of this elaborate necklace by Richard Burton. The natural pearl, known as ‘La Peregrina’ is said…

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Our latest pearl commission.

jade and pearl design

  Our latest pearl commission offered a unique challenge – designing a pearl pendant that also included some very precious jade. Nicholas drew the following options: and the customer chose the top one. The manufacturing process was a very intensive one for Matthew and the finished piece is bringing a lot of joy to its…

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Platinum and diamond ring

We received a request this month asking about platinum is, so we’re taking this opportunity to explain about this fascinating metal. Platinum is the densest and heaviest of all white metals used in jewellery manufacture. It is the scarcest metal mined in the world, is difficult to extract, and there are only two locations that…

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PIKE Jewellers’ 1st birthday!

birthday jewellery

Hi to all our readers and this month is a celebration as June signifies the first birthday of PIKE Jewellers! It seems only a short time ago that we closed our doors at Burnside Village and began this new chapter of the PIKE family business. Through the enthusiasm and encouragement of my wife Helen and…

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How can you tell a real pearl from a fake?

pearl jewellery adelaide

We have a lot of people come and see us at PIKE to ask if the pearls they have been given by their grandmother, aunty or family friend are real or not. Sometimes we can tell just by looking – the size, shape, the evenness of the colour. It is getting harder to tell, with…

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