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October’s birthstones: Tourmaline + Opal

Opal is the traditional birthstone for October. It’s an interesting stone with a bit of a bad reputation – many people believe that it is a gemstone that brings bad luck. Most of this appears to be anecdotal and without evidence, however, many people including some of our customers swear that the introduction of an…

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Nicholas and Matthew Pike

Hello to everyone following us at PIKE Jewellers. This month, I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity as October is the month when Librans are born. It is interesting that many designers and craftspeople throughout history have been born under the zodiac sign of Libra which occurs in late September and early to late October.…

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Sneak peek into the workshop: bezel setting part 1

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A bezel setting is a collar of metal that surrounds the outer edge of a gemstone. It is considered to be the most secure way of setting a stone. The reason for this is that each bezel setting is made taller than it needs to be, so that there is plenty of metal to push…

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