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How did Nicholas design and make the 2016 Christmas Collection?

Nicholas Pike christmas design

This year, he tried something a bit different. He was interested in getting some input from some of a range of PIKE customers, and invited them to a series of design workshops: What came out of these workshops were some strong themes; Nicholas explains more in the video below: After finalising the three pendant designs…

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Lost wax technique: Nicholas explains how it works.

wax casting

Working in Wax For centuries a method of producing jewellery called lost wax has been used. It is a process that begins with a model made from wax and ends up with the model being cast in metal. I have always loved using the process – I use it a lot when making some of…

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‘Evening Brilliants’ and the Burnside Village era

Nicholas Pike 1990

Hello to you all. It’s Saturday and I have just come inside after sitting in our back garden having a most relaxing brunch. After the last few weeks of extremely wild wet weather and many flooded areas it seems a bit surreal to be safe in my own space whilst so many are suffering –…

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