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Pearls, pearls, pearls

We have made so many beautiful pieces that feature the stunning gemstone pearl. There are so many different types of pearls including South Sea and Tahitian, freshwater that are available in many different colours and the more traditional cultured pearls. We love the different sizes, shapes and colours and we have featured them in rings,…

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Tourmaline at PIKE

We have always loved tourmaline at PIKE because of the amazing variety of colours they offer. Here are some of the colours:   If you have fallen in love with the colours of tourmaline, come and see us to find out more. We’d love to show more of this beautiful gemstone.

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Diamond remodelling

Here are some of our recent diamond remodelling commissions. Please enjoy and click on each image to read the story behind the commissions: To see more of our stunning remodelling commissions, click here.

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Personalising in a subtle way

ring design adelaide

Some of the ways we personalise our handmade jewellery at PIKE are very subtle, while some are more obvious – but they are always designed for the pleasure of the wearer. These handmade yellow gold wedding rings incorporate the initials of the couple in a way that is only visible to them: These two modern…

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Using hand engraving to add depth to design

cuff links design

We use hand engraving at PIKE to add depth to our designs. We are very lucky to have an amazing hand engraver in Adelaide who helps Nicholas’ designs come to life. Here are a few examples of some PIKE designs that feature hand engraving: Come and see Nicholas to see what’s possible in hand engraving.…

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Aquamarines, aquamarines, aquamarines

aquamarine and diamond rings

We have had some requests recently to share some of our beautiful designs using Aquamarine; this beautiful blue gemstone has always been one of our favourite gemstones to work with, and is also one of most requested stones from our customers. Here are some of our aquamarine designs – enjoy! If you would like to…

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Classic three stone ring

sapphire claw set diamonds

One of our most popular requests for design and making stories from our customers is the three stone ring: a classic favourite. While we specialise in remodelling commissions at PIKE, we also make beautiful rings using brand new stones, all of which we can supply to suit your needs.¬†This commission story is all about our…

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