Diamond bracelet remodelled into a pendant

The Brief:

To reimagine the centre of a diamond bracelet into a new piece of jewellery

The Process:

Nicholas was presented with a very delicate platinum bracelet with diamonds that gave him a challenge because the fineness of the bracelet made it unsafe to wear it as it was. The bracelet had a central cluster of diamonds and on each side were three single diamonds spaced on the links.

Nicholas suggested a pendant and he decided to enhance the circular shape of the original cluster. He added six diamonds as supports between the centre cluster and the outer circular frame of pink gold.

We didn’t want to heat the diamond cluster due to its age, so we devised a way of ‘setting’ the cluster in fine claws. By fashioning a frame for the cluster to sit on meant no heat had to be applied to the delicate setting. The original cluster is very evident as the hero of the piece and our client loves it and wears it often.