Maintaining your jewellery

Maintaining your jewellery
January 26, 2015 Lou Pike Pyman

Has anyone ever explained that your jewellery will need to be maintained over its life? And that it might need to be repaired or even re-made one day? It’s one conversation that is often missing when buying jewellery, and it’s an important one.

Jewellery is made from precious and delicate materials and needs to be treated accordingly. Would you wear your new Manolo Blahnik shoes pulling out weeds? Or your Alexander McQueen evening gown to the gym? The same thought needs to apply to your precious engagement ring, dress ring, bracelet or necklace. We make our jewellery as strong as possible, and the right care will allow it to last for many years.

Here are some things to keep in mind in maintaining your jewellery:

Are your diamonds or coloured stones held by claws? If so, take extra care when wearing them – any impact or extended wear-and-tear on the claws can damage them, meaning stones can be lost. This includes the tiny beads that hold the stones in pave or bead setting. Have them checked on a regular basis to see if they need repair.

Heirlooms: If you’re wearing a family heirloom, keep a close eye on it. We often using the analogy of a car tyre: jewellery wears out in a very similar way if it’s worn every day.

Pearls: Pearl necklaces are often threaded on silk thread. This thread is strong, and we recommend knotting between each one. The thread can break if the pearls are pulled suddenly (especially by little people!) and will also stretch over time with the weight of the pearls. Natural body oil and skin collect on the thread, which can travel inside the pearls and discolour them. If you wear your pearls every day, it is worth having them rethreaded every 6 months.

Also, make sure to wipe your pearls before you put them away – perfume, hairspray and skin oil can damage the nacre over time. We’re very happy to check them for you.

Can you hear your gemstones rattling in their settings? Stones become loose over time, and they can be tightened again. Pop in and we can check them for you.

Cuff or hinged-style earrings can sometimes start to feel loose when you open and close them. All they need is a small adjustment to make them firm again, and we can do it on the spot. The same thing can happen with the small butterfly fittings on the backs of your earrings – pop in to the studio – we’re happy to help.


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