Our Signature Service – Aquamarine Bracelet

Our Signature Service – Aquamarine Bracelet
August 16, 2015 Lou Pike Pyman

Jewellery is a beautiful and memorable gift to give to celebrate an important birthday.

Like a silver bracelet with aquamarines (one lucky birthday girl’s birthstone) to celebrate a 21st birthday.

This commission started when our customer visited our studio workshop to get some birthday inspiration and saw the PIKE ‘knuckle’ bracelet, braceleta design that Nicholas first drew over 15 years ago.

She asked ‘Is there a way that you can personalise this for my daughter in a way that’s not too obvious?’

We suggested using tiny aquamarines, her birthstone, to personalise the bracelet without detracting from the design.


aqua1Nicholas drew the bracelet with the aquamarines so the customer could imagine exactly what it would look like, and we showed her the tiny aquamarines so that she could approve the colour of them.


Once this was done, it was time to start the manufacturing process.




One of the wonderful things about PIKE is the relationship between Nicholas the designer and Matthew the jeweller. Nicholas and Matthew copy 2As father and son with a 16 year working, creative relationship, they work collaboratively on every piece made at PIKE so that Nicholas’ designs are perfectly translated into beautiful pieces of wearable art of the highest quality.


For this signature bracelet to be of the highest quality, all of the links must be the same, and so all of the individual pieces are cast from a mould – this ensures that they all look the same and fit together perfectly.







We had the individual pieces cast in sterling silver, and Matthew started the very labour-intensive process of putting it all together.




After a few weeks, and a few visits from our customer to watch the manufacturing process…








the beautiful bracelet is ready.


If you have a moment or milestone you would love to celebrate with some beautiful jewellery, come and see us at PIKE – we would love to help you design something that makes you smile, and that could be passed on to other people in your life that you love one day in the future.

Phone us on 8338 3109, email us at hello@pike.com.au, or just pop in. We’d love to see you.

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