Our Signature Service – Diamond Ring

Our Signature Service – Diamond Ring
August 16, 2015 Lou Pike Pyman

At PIKE, one of our favourite things to do is re-design jewellery into something new and exciting that you love. It’s part of our Signature Service.

One of our recent commissions started with some precious, but worn out diamond rings that either needed some major repairs, or a brand new life.

before and after

After a discussion with the customer, Nicholas drew some beautiful designs – this commission was unique in that it needed to make use of diamonds that were different shapes including an emerald cut (a long rectangle), two trilliants (triangles) and some round stones of different sizes. With this in mind Nicholas suggested this as the new ring design.


The customer loved the design and the manufacturing process began!

dia setting copyIndividual bezel settings were hand made for the larger diamonds to make the most of their unique shapes, and soldered at the centre of a split band that bordered the diamonds and allowed us to use all of the customer tiny diamonds.


The customer saw the ring at this stage (we love to share the process of making jewellery with people) and couldn’t wait to see the finished ring!

 All that was left to do was soften any sharp edges, set the diamonds, and carefully polish and rhodium plate the ring.


And this is the finished product. The ring beautifully highlights the interesting shapes of the diamonds, while the split band allows the ring to be modern and bold, but without being too heavy.

The way that the diamonds have been set means that the ring can be worn everyday without catching and the ring is low, making it very comfortable to wear.

And our customer loves it, which make us so happy.

gallery 9

If you have any pieces of jewellery that you aren’t wearing, and you would like to see some ideas of what we could do with them, call us at PIKE on 8338 3109, email us at hello@pike.com.au or pop in to our intimate studio workshop. We would love to help you.

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