Our Signature Service – Rose Quartz Ring

Our Signature Service – Rose Quartz Ring
August 16, 2015 Lou Pike Pyman

As part of the Signature Service at PIKE, we offer a few unique pieces of stunning jewellery that we make and then display at our intimate studio workshop, to show what we can do when our imaginations run wild. This amazing ring is one of them.


We love beautiful, unusual coloured stones at PIKE, and when we found this stunning cushion-shaped rose quartz, we knew it needed a simple design that allowed it to be the hero.



We decided to make the ring out of sterling silver to avoid it being too heavy, and because the soft, milky colour of silver suits the stunning soft pink colour of the stone.

The manufacturing process of this ring started by hand carving out a wax – the lost wax process allows bold designs like these to be created without compromising the design.


The wax model was sent away to be cast in sterling silver and then carefully hand finished by Matthew, ready to have the beautiful rose quartz set at the centre.


And this is the finished ring. We are so excited about how beautiful this ring is – the rose quartz has a soft, gorgeous glow about it that is quite breathtaking, while the ring design is modern and classic. rose1If you have any loose stones, or jewellery that features a coloured stone that could be re-designed, we would love to show you some designs that could really bring it to life. Come and see us.


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