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Maintaining your jewellery

jewellery soldering adelaide

Has anyone ever explained that your jewellery will need to be maintained over its life? And that it might need to be repaired or even re-made one day? It’s one conversation that is often missing when buying jewellery, and it’s an important one. Jewellery is made from precious and delicate materials and needs to be…

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Where does it rain diamonds?

lots of diamonds

During the school holidays, my 10 year old son said to me “Mum, did you know that there are planets in our solar system where it rains diamonds?” Naturally, I had to research that. Click here to read where this incredible natural phenomenon takes please. Hint: unfortunately, it’s not Earth…    

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Happy New Year

christmas table setting

Happy New Year to you all, and thanks to our customers and friends who bought gifts from our Christmas Collection and those who commissioned one-off pieces. I hope we helped make Christmas a special time for all of you who gave the gifts, and I hope that those who received PIKE boxes were equally surprised…

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