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How gemstones are shaped, faceted and polished


Have you ever wondered how gemstones are cut into the beautiful shapes you buy them in? At a reader’s request, we’re sharing the process with you this month: People who cut gemstones are called Lapidary or Lapidarists. They shape, facet and polish gemstones. To begin with, a lapidary chooses rough gem material which appears to…

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Why the fish?

original Oakbank beer

Hello to all my readers and I hope you found it interesting reading about my early years as I began my journey into adulthood and into the world of creating jewellery. It has been the most rewarding and fulfilling career and the fact that I remain energised and passionate says something about my choice all…

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A family stone

remodelled jewellery

How many people can say they wear a gemstone that was hand cut by a family member? This month we’re showing you how Nicholas and Matthew designed and hand made a beautiful pendant that features a Smokey Quartz that was hand cut by a treasured member of our customer’s family. The brief was to design…

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