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International windows

shiny metal and red design

Nicholas has always believed in the power of a beautifully thought out and crafted window display, to complement his recognisable jewellery designs. While at Burnside Village, he created many striking, conversation-provoking window displays (see some of them here). Two designers who have always been an inspiration for Nicholas are Gene Moore and Mary Portas: Please…

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Clean Lines

ring modern design

  There are some customers who come to PIKE with a very clear inspiration for the jewellery they would like us to make them. In the case of this beautiful ring, it was the stunning wall of a home. After showing Nicholas the wall and having a relaxed conversation discussing all of the elements they…

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Windows of the soul

adelaide jewellery window

Hello, and I want to thank everyone who has sent me sentiments of sympathy after the death of my mother Kitty in early July. She was a lovely mum, and as my cousin confirmed ‘her proudest achievement was the birth of her two children.’ This is such a beautiful comment. As a teacher, she devoted…

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