Recent commissions

I would like to share some of our latest commissions – they have given us and our clients so much pleasure. Ruby and diamond ring The first commission which comes to mind was for a client who asked if she could have her ruby and diamonds incorporated in a ring design that combined her stones…

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Pearls, pearls, pearls

We have made so many beautiful pieces that feature the stunning gemstone pearl. There are so many different types of pearls including South Sea and Tahitian, freshwater that are available in many different colours and the more traditional cultured pearls. We love the different sizes, shapes and colours and we have featured them in rings,…

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Photographing pearls

Hello from one of the few jewellers in Adelaide who has been able to remain open during this very anxious time. As a jeweller, designer and an artist I have always been fascinated by portraying jewellery in glamorous and unexpected ways. This started in the ’80s when we used to photograph our jewellery to be…

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Remodelling while retaining original beauty

For many years I have been asked to pull apart beautiful and intrinsic pieces of old jewellery that are beautifully made and wonderfully realised due to their gemstone content and craftsmanship. I have often encouraged customers not to destroy them, but to let the beauty of the original design be kept and used in such…

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Sneak peek into the workshop: a bar-set ring

adelaide five coloured stone ring

This month’s sneak peek into the PIKE workshop features a striking bar-set ring that we have used in our latest ad in the Eastern Courier Messenger and Adelaide Matters – have you seen it? This ring was commissioned by our client for his wife’s special ‘0’ birthday. He totally trusted Nicholas with the design and…

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Stunning Sapphire: September’s birthstone

adelaide sapphire and diamond ring

Sapphire is the stunning birthstone for September. Did you know it came in pink? Sapphire is a truly remarkable stone. It is part of the Corundum family (which also includes ruby) and can be found in a true rainbow of colours as the photo below shows, not just the blue that many people are familiar…

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Our Signature Service – Rose Quartz Ring

modern ring silver

As part of the Signature Service at PIKE, we offer a few unique pieces of stunning jewellery that we make and then display at our intimate studio workshop, to show what we can do when our imaginations run wild. This amazing ring is one of them. We love beautiful, unusual coloured stones at PIKE, and…

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Our Signature Service – Diamond Ring

diamonds adelaide white gold

At PIKE, one of our favourite things to do is re-design jewellery into something new and exciting that you love. It’s part of our Signature Service. One of our recent commissions started with some precious, but worn out diamond rings that either needed some major repairs, or a brand new life. After a discussion with…

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Our Signature Service – Aquamarine Bracelet

nicholas pike drawing

Jewellery is a beautiful and memorable gift to give to celebrate an important birthday. Like a silver bracelet with aquamarines (one lucky birthday girl’s birthstone) to celebrate a 21st birthday. This commission started when our customer visited our studio workshop to get some birthday inspiration and saw the PIKE ‘knuckle’ bracelet, a design that Nicholas…

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Platinum and diamond ring

We received a request this month asking about platinum is, so we’re taking this opportunity to explain about this fascinating metal. Platinum is the densest and heaviest of all white metals used in jewellery manufacture. It is the scarcest metal mined in the world, is difficult to extract, and there are only two locations that…

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