Designing the 2019 PIKE Collection pendant – let us know what you think!

The beginning of another collection for PIKE

The weather may be dreary and cold but I find it an energizing time for designing. Sitting in a warm room with a glass of wine, Helen nearby, our dogs Coco and Mimi relaxing on their warm beds and me with pen in hand, it’s something I love to do. I have a very fortunate life.

Designing has always been my passion, and as I get older I find my drive to design is overwhelming. I constantly feel the need to put pen, pencil or paint to paper, and I find it just flows and sometimes I can’t get the idea on the page quick enough.

My art training as a child and teenager was pretty non-existent, with a couple of vague lessons in water colour, and then as a jeweller a few lessons in design where sadly I felt more accomplished than the teacher. I began to realise what it was like to have a natural talent.

As I began meeting customers, particularly in the late ’70s and early ’80s, the number of creative people who I dealt with had an wonderful impact on me. It allowed me to investigate many artistic disciplines which I still enjoy immensely. It also had a direct affect on my jewellery designing and the other aspects of my creative pursuits.

This month I have started putting together some ideas for our next PIKE Collection which we will launch in October. Developing an innovative design based on simplicity, strength of shape and form, balance, symmetry and volume has been lots of fun. I always sketch a lot of ideas (see some of them below – ) as we start the designing process for the PIKE Collection pendant:


Then, I discuss them with the whole team: Matthew offers his design expertise about manufacture and cost minimisation, while Helen, Heidi and Lou contribute about our branding, customer buying patterns and personal preferences and I refine some of the designs more. We then narrow them down to two each year. And here are the final two for 2019:

As you can see, there is a common design theme in the two pendants – one is more triangular while the other is more oval. They will be made in sterling silver as always and will be able to be worn on a range of necklaces.

I would love you to know what you think – help us choose the final pendant for the 2019 PIKE Collection. Please select your preferred design in the box below, we’d love to hear from you. And if you like any of the pendant designs from my original drawings and want to talk about having one made, I’d love to help!

Happy voting, keep warm, and until next month


Nicholas X

Which design do you prefer?


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