Argyle pink diamond three stone ring

The Brief:

To find two Argyle pink diamonds to match an existing round brilliant cut pink diamond, and make a three stone ring.

The Process:

Over four years ago, we sold a brilliant cut pink Argyle diamond to a client, and he commissioned a striking solitaire ring for his partner as a surprise to celebrate a special event in her life. She was very thrilled with the ring, and she has worn it almost every day since then:

Nicholas caught up on their latest news just before Christmas, and she mentioned in conversation that it would be lovely to have a pair of pink diamond earrings. It was a ‘throw away’ comment, but Nicholas decided to do some research into the availability of matching round pink diamonds – he knew it would be difficult to get a matching pair because of their rarity.

Knowing that our diamond merchant in Sydney had recently tendered for a group of Argyle pinks and had been successful, Nicholas asked him for his assistance. Surprisingly, he was able to offer a couple of pairs: two deeper in colour and two a bit paler. Nicholas was finding the design for earrings a challenge, because he wanted to accentuate their colour and size without adding a halo of white diamonds around the edge. Nicholas also knew this sort of traditional design would not suit our client as she loves contemporary pieces.

Nicholas also remembered that at one stage there had been a suggestion of adding a white diamond either side of the original pink diamond to draw more attention to the stone, so this gave him an idea.

When the diamonds arrived, it was our lucky day and we knew we had hit the jackpot. The deeper colour stones were a good matched pair and even more surprisingly, perfectly matched the clients original solitaire diamond. The clients decided to purchase the new diamonds and instead of earrings, agreed to commission the making of the three stone ring featuring a ‘tension set’ look.

Matthew did this by placing the three diamonds into an elegant white gold ‘split’ design ring allowing the diamonds to appear to float between the two bands. The ring looks breathtaking:

Our client is so happy:

” It is never coming off! Thank you all so much again.”