Diamond ring in two tone gold

The Brief:

Our client came to Nicholas with an engagement ring, eternity ring and a pair of diamond stud earrings. She wanted them to be remodelled into one new ring representing an engagement and wedding ring.

The Process:

Here are the original rings, earrings and loose diamonds:

Nicholas hand drew a concept for the ring for our client – a very easy-to-wear ring that our client could wear every day. The three larger diamonds were all very similar in size, and so Nicholas’ design included a double bezel setting on the centre diamond to make it appear larger than the stones set on the sides:

Our client was excited about the idea of her new ring. Here are just a few of Matthew’s manufacturing steps as he created the ring:

And this is the beautiful finished ring. As you can see, the centre diamond looks larger than the side stones because of the double bezel:


Our client pops in regularly to have the ring cleaned, and she always reminds us about how much she enjoys wearing it every day.