Diamond, zircon, sapphire and garnet ring

The Brief:

To create a new ring using our client's existing diamonds, adding gemstones that reminded her of the ocean.

The Process:

This pretty ring was commissioned by a client who had an engagement ring made by Nicholas in the 1980s.

Our client and her husband had moved to Queensland years ago and were visiting Adelaide on holiday. They were keen to reconnect and talk about a new ring: she wanted to reset some of her original diamonds along with with some coloured gems that would remind her of the sea.

The original designs Nicholas drew were quite conservative, which she quite liked but suggested another design  – a bit more ‘Arabesque’. Nicholas leapt at the chance and produced some new designs that were much closer to the mark.

The original design concepts.

The ring was to be broad on top, featuring bezel set stones to create a smooth overall feel, and spaces between stones to make it more open. Blue, green and white was the colour palette, and the specific tone of each gem colour was important.

The design chosen was a ‘medallion’ style with a layout featuring pairs of colours and stones of different shapes – the gems chosen were pear-cut grossular garnet (green), princess cut blue zircon (larger blue stones) and blue sapphires (Ceylon-type blue) and of course her own diamonds. We have never seen this colour garnet before and it is such a perfect sea-colour.

  The striking finished ring.

The side view.

The layout has been a triumph and incorporates the statement of sparkling sea-coloured gemstones and the scintillation of diamonds, all in white gold.