Diamonds, love and weddings

Well it’s already April, and I really struggled with what topic I would cover this month as I find some months the words don’t always flow easily. But then it just happened. (By the way, I would also love your feedback if you would like me to cover any specific subject).

I thought I would begin by talking about the birthstone for April – Diamond. I have always loved them and they are gems that have and still hold the utmost fascination for me. I have used them since I began making jewellery in 1968 and I find that I never tire of their incredible brilliance and variety. I have used all shapes and cuts and in colours as well as colourless.

I think that they are a miracle of nature. The Earth converts carbon into hard and often clear crystals by subjecting the raw materials to heat and pressure over millions of years. How extraordinary. Not all diamonds found are gem quality but when they are, WOW. Even if you don’t own one, you can’t help but marvel at the process, the history and provenance surrounding their discovery and how they have been crafted by humans to produce such incredibly bright gemstones.

Further to my thoughts about diamonds, I attended the wedding today of Greta-Kate Rumsby and Dino Leopardi. I have known Dino for many years and have gotten to know Greta over the past twelve months. They are a most beautiful couple. Blog5

Sitting in the church at North Adelaide and listening to the vows that they both took, I became quite emotional. Beginning his vows, Dino needed a moment to hold back his tears, which set me off, and after witnessing their devotion to each other I became very aware that they were celebrating and commemorating their vows with the exchanging of rings, and it reinforced the part I play in events such as these.  I am proud to say that we made both their wedding rings and Greta’s engagement ring.


This connection is something that I value and treasure and I consider myself so fortunate to have begun a career in my teens, which has grown successfully through our making of beautiful jewellery including engagement and wedding rings. I cannot begin to count the number of partners who have commissioned us to make their rings and trusted us with their ideas. It is such a valuable thing to be a part of people’s lives at a moment in time that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is such an honour and I have never taken it for granted.

Congratulations Greta and Dino!

Now Autumn is upon us and what a beautiful time of the year it is. Lovely sunny days, calm conditions and cool nights – you can feel the season changing. I do love this time of the year and I hope you all enjoy this lovely Aussie weather, and I’ll speak to you again in May.

Love Nicholas.

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