Men’s Rings at PIKE

We make fantastic men’s rings at PIKE. From classic, plain 6mm wide comfortable wedding rings to intricate and complex, modern designs, we love making them.

There was a request from one of our readers to show some of our beautiful designs, and so here are some of our favourites:


This first ring is a combination of white gold and pink gold. An edge of pink gold was added to what is otherwise a very simple white gold ring to give it a unique, but still classic look. The amount of pink gold can be altered, right down to the very finest sliver of colour for a more subtle look. It can be done in yellow gold too. This ring also has a brushed finish so it looks more masculine.



When commissioning a wedding ring, some men are interested in having a few small diamonds added to their ring, and to match design elements of their partner’s ring, like the one above. Again, this is a very simple ring that Matthew added panels and diamond sections to create a unique finished product. The hardest part was applying the brush finish to only parts of the ring.



Some men want to incorporate some diamonds in their ring, but don’t want them to be obvious. We have made a few rings where the diamonds are set where only the wearer can see them – in the side of the ring. This ring featured the diamonds in patterns that were significant to the wearer, gave his otherwise plain wedding ring an unexpected twist and were a great talking point in his role as a design professional.


While white gold and platinum are the most asked-for metals for men’s rings, we do make some beautiful rings in yellow and pink gold as well. Many of our male customers are interested, or work in areas of design like architecture, industrial design, engineering, and building as well as many other creative fields, and want their jewellery to reflect that interest. This often gives Nicholas amazing scope to design, and Matthew to make, something fantastic, while also incredibly practical.  The ring pictured above was just such a ring.

And then some men just want something that really stands them apart, like the two below.




As you can see, we make a wide range of rings for men – some in silver if men just want to wear them for their wedding ceremony and for special occasions afterwards, some classic designs, some with gemstones and some that really push the boundaries of design and manufacturing. Most importantly, we make them all comfortable to wear, as this is always high on the list of criteria for men. For many men, a wedding ring will be the first and only ring they ever wear, so we make it as easy and as comfortable as we can.

If you any questions about any of the rings we’ve featured, please email us at or call us on 8338 3109  – we’d love to answer them. And if you have any ideas for a ring that you would love to see realised, we’re here to help!

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