Hello to everyone following us at PIKE Jewellers.

This month, I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity as October is the month when Librans are born. It is interesting that many designers and craftspeople throughout history have been born under the zodiac sign of Libra which occurs in late September and early to late October.  I am a late October Libran and we are often referred to as the luscious Librans – of course, I will leave you to judge this!

Libra zodiac

The characteristics of a Libran seem to fit perfectly with the careers often chosen. Librans are idealistic, cultured, refined, artistic and stylish and love creating beautiful things. We are also sociable, peace loving, abhor violence and are energetic, romantic and loyal. It is no surprise that when I scan through the long list of famous Librans, it is jam-packed with designers, painters, musicians, actors and performers. Even if you don’t take much notice of star signs, it is fascinating that there are a predominance of creative professions held by Librans.

Another Libran trait is devotion and the need not to do things alone. In fact we work better paired up, as this creates the balance and harmony we need. This is most often represented within the home where, if you are fortunate, it leads to a feeling of completeness.NandH wedding2 I have found this in my soul mate Helen.

We have been partners NandHwedding1in business and life for forty-three years and without Helen’s faith in me and her belief in the future of the new PIKE Jewellers, I would not be writing this blog.


I have also found a creative partner in my son Matthew. I believe that it takes a certain skill to imagine and design pieces of jewellery, but if you don’t have an equally gifted person to translate and craft those concepts, then the designs are ineffectual. DSC_0021 copyMatthew is a true perfectionist and his exceptional precision and finish is easily recognized. For those of you who have had jewellery made recently, I thank you for supporting us, and I hope you are thrilled with your finished piece and will continue to enjoy your beautiful jewellery for a long time.

Congratulations on your amazing work Matthew, including this beautiful new engagement ring.


If you have one of our beautiful pieces, don’t forget our free cleaning service. You are welcome to call in between 9:30am and 4:30pm during the week, and you can wait for us to complete this whilst you are chatting with us.


The month of October, and Librans, is represented by two gemstones – Opal Opal1and the alternative gem Tourmaline. For those of you who haven’t heard of Tourmaline, it is a truly beautiful gem sold in faceted forms, and in the most beautiful shades of green, blue, pink, yellow, apricot, red and black. They have sometimes been found and cut featuring two colours within the one stone, tourmaline2known as bi-colour – the version containing pink and green is often referred to as ‘Watermelon Tourmaline’. They are really beautiful and are perfect when used in innovative, often contemporary designs. They are mined all over the world and interestingly are present in their natural state on our own Kangaroo Island, although they are not mined in commercial amounts. Read more about Tourmaline and Opal here. 



PIKE-CC-smaller-pendantCan you believe it is only three months to Christmas?  Matthew has just completed the pieces for our 2015 Christmas Collection and we are giving you an exclusive look in this newsletter. PIKE-CC-smaller-earrings

I found it quite difficult initially to design this year’s collection – I drew so many things that just didn’t seem ‘PIKE’. So, I went back to some of my favourite designs from the PIKE archives and found something that I love. The designs we’ve chosen are simply stunning and they will be available for sale from November 2. Click here to register your interest.


My thanks must also go to Louise for all of our amazing newsletters and for authoring our website, social media and advertising campaigns. She is so talented at compiling the many interesting facts and photos and putting together all the information that you enjoy reading. If any of you have comments or want to see something covered in a future newsletter, we would love your feedback – just send an email to and mark it  ‘Attention Louise Pike Pyman.’

Last but by no means least, thanks to Clare Kingwell for taking on the responsibility of Customer Service Manager at PIKE and enabling things to run so smoothly. She is at the Highgate studio to assist you with all your requests, including answering any questions you have about our beautiful new Christmas Collection.

Thank you to everyone who read my September blog and asked me about what the trees are with the beautiful spring blossoms. The trees are standard crab apples planted by us when we lived at Oakbank. The new owners have had many comments about the profusion of flowers and one comment was ‘there are so many flowers, have some been glued on?’ Not surprising as they do look extraordinary in bloom.

That’s all from me for now and I hope you are all enjoying the warm spring weather. I look forward to bringing you more to look at and read in November.

Until then


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