November’s birthstones

Topaz and Citrine are the birthstones for November – Topaz is the traditional option, while Citrine is the modern alternative. Topaz comes in a range of colours (see some beautiful colours here), including the very valuable Imperial Topaz. The comparatively less expensive and beautiful blue topaz has always been the clear customer favourite at PIKE. topaz2This is a wonderful chance to show you some of our favourite blue topaz pieces:





Blue topaz are available in many different sizes and stone shapes including princess cut, square, round, oval, and some fancy shapes as well like the two above.


Some of the pale blue topaz are found naturally as blue, however most of the very bright, electric blue topaz are heat-treated to establish the colour.


Blue topaz look beautiful in both silver and gold and we have made many pieces in both.


Blue topaz also look gorgeous when complemented with diamonds.



Citrine is a great alternative birthstone for people who love warm, gold colours, and has been a gemstone that we have enjoyed working with at PIKE. Again, they look beautiful set in silver and gold as you can see below.



citrine3 We would love to show you more of the beautiful pieces we have made in topaz and citrine – feel free to pop in to the studio to have a look, or drop us an email at

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