Matthew Pike


Matthew is very passionate about jewellery making –  it’s a creative outlet for him.

His talent is in interpreting designs and concepts and translating them into a wearable piece of jewellery.

He has always loved creating things with his hands and a lot of what he makes is done by feel and eye, not by measurement or specification. He loves the manufacturing process; emerying, filing, piercing, soldering, all of which he learnt from the very start of his apprenticeship, are still skills he uses today. Twenty years on, he believes it is his understanding of the metals that allows his jewellery to have the finish and balance he is truly proud of. And he’s a perfectionist at heart.

Matthew loves working with precious metals:

“It amazes me how far you can push the boundaries of what is possible. The precious metals that I work with can be manipulated and fabricated like no other medium I know.”

Matthew Pike

And he has a unique working relationship with Nicholas:

“There is an honesty that I have with my dad that is not always possible in a work environment, and the bond and understanding between us allows me to create authentic handmade pieces of jewellery. We know each other so well, we almost know what the other is thinking.”

Matthew Pike


PIKE Matt Headshot 2018